Sell ​​more expensive

We help you to sell more expensive than during a garage recovery while remaining average market estimates.

Sell ​​without doing anything

We manage the ads of your car, find a buyer and organize the sale.

Sell ​​safely

We secure your exchanges with buyers and the transfer of money through our secure payment platform.

18 days

To find a buyer

20% more

The best market price
Nos avis clients

4.6 / 5



Earn more than a recovery!

Fast, free & no obligation

In seconds, get the value of your car to sell quickly.

The best market price

Every day it's almost 10,000,000 estimates of cars being made. With this data, we can provide you with the best estimate for selling your car at the best price.

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Up for sale

Relax, Carventura takes care of everything!

Contacts management

Making phone calls, replying to requests for information and buyers' reliability : Carventura takes care of contact management for you. In short, with Carventura, you do not waste time: you find a reliable and solvent buyer!

Your ad visible everywhere and by all!

Your ad is posted on multiple car sales platforms with the credibility of an auto professional. Free and simple, the distribution of your ad by Carventura allows you to have a reliable buyer in 4 weeks on average!

Your car will not have any secrets for us anymore!

Voiture en cours d'inspection et de vente entre particuliers

To find the right buyer quickly, a specialist will visit your car: taking HD photos standardized and making a technical sheet .. Your car will be known and there will be no bad surprises for your buyer. Learn more

Once the vehicle is sold, you are no longer responsible for its state. That's why Carventura offers your buyer a 6-month warranty on his purchase.

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Easy, immediate and secure.

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Receive your money immediately

No more bank check, the day of the sale you no longer need to wait! Payment is made directly to your Carventura account ... You just have to hand over the keys! Learn more

Questions fréquentes

Carventura est un intermédiaire entre les vendeurs et les acheteurs de voitures d'occasion. Nous agissons en tant que conseillers, nous accompagnons et aidons nos clients à vendre leur voiture rapidement, en toute sécurité et, sans rien gérer.

La bonne nouvelle, c'est que vous n'avez rien à payer ! Le montant que nous vous proposons dans votre estimation est le prix que vous recevrez sur votre compte en vendant avec Carventura.

Carventura est un intermédiaire entre les vendeurs et les acheteurs de voitures d'occasion. Nous ne reprenons pas votre véhicule, vous en restez propriétaire et pouvez prendre la route jusqu'à la vente.

Vous n'êtes pas engagé à vendre exclusivement sur Carventura. Par contre, en choisissant de vendre en parallèle vous ne profitez plus de certains de nos services comme la sécurisation du paiement, la garantie offerte à votre acheteur...

Carventura ne fait pas encore de reprise (mais peut vous orienter vers un partenaire si, par exemple, vous souhaitez acheter rapidement une voiture d'occasion.)

× Oops, this service is only available to French residents. Contact us if you would like to use our services in another country.