Cars Inspected

All cars available on Carventure have been inspected, with more than 200 points checked. The inspection is carried out by experts from ANEA (French National Alliance of Automobile Experts). Our qualified inspectors are nationwide and operate 100% independently and impartially: a Carventura promise.

Cars Inspected

What are the conditions for a car to be inspected?

We strive to ensure that only quality cars are available on our platform, as a result the cars must:

  • Be driveable (and legally driveable)
  • No more than 190,000 KMs
  • Under 15 years of age
  • No pawned,
  • Have a validated Controle Technique
Before the inspection.

Sellers must provide the registration number of their car. After which an inspector will arrange a convenient appointment within 48 hours.

The Day of inspection

To allow for a smooth inspection, we need to know in advance all the details of the vehicle (number plate, model, version etc)

As part of the inspection you will be asked to provide:
  • Service book
  • Registration documents
  • Manufacturers Handbook
  • Controle Technique certificate
  • Service Book

If any of the above are missing they will be reported as NOT SHOWN and will make you vehicle less attractive when it comes to sale.

One Hour Inspection

Yes one hour! Afterall we want to make sure we capture all the details of the car this way we will have the best chance of selling your car at the best price. The inspection will cover:

  • Car history
  • Condition of the bodywork
  • Condition of the tyres
  • Condition of the interior
  • Presence of Additional important items
  • Test Drive
  • Taking photos to best present your vehicle online!

Car validation by Carventura.

All cars that pass the inspection are validated by Carventura and the advertisement can be broadcast on our platform and on our partners platforms. The detailed report is available on request for each car and, in addition, the Carventura inspection allows the buyer to benefit a 6-month mechanical warranty on his used car. These two elements are a guarantee of quality for potential buyers as to the reliability of the used car.

La validation du véhicyle par Carventura

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